Delivery & FAQs

Can my product be personalised?

Yes, please fill in the fields when prompted using the exact characters you would like. Any mistakes cannot be rectified after purchase. Please contact us by email – if you would like to discuss your requirements further or send us a DM on our Instagram page here.

How much is delivery?

For UK Mainland standard delivery, postage is free!

For first class delivery, we charge £3.70

Special delivery by 1pm next day (Mon-Fri), we charge £6.95

Saturday delivery by 1pm, we charge £10.95

International standard tracked – Zone 1 is £25.00, Zones 2-3 is £22.50

For all other postal services, please contact us for a price.

How long is delivery time?

First class – 1-2 day delivery aim

Second class – 2-5 day delivery aim

What is your returns policy?

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says goods must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. During the expected lifespan of your product you’re entitled to the following:up to 30 days: if your goods are faulty, then you can get a refund; up to six months: if they can’t be repaired or replaced, then you’re entitled to a full refund, in most cases; up to six years: if the goods do not last a reasonable length of time, you may be entitled to some money back.

How can I pay for my order online?

We accept payment by way of PayPal or Stripe.

How should I best care for my item?

Our products are practical and suitable for everyday use, and the better you care for your product, the longer it will last and stay looking and feeling beautiful.

As wood is a natural material, it is hygroscopic, meaning that it will change and absorb moisture according to its environment, meaning you should not leave your product next to heat sources nor in damp conditions.

Our wood is naturally antibacterial and self-sterilises, meaning that not only is your product eco-friendly, the care of it is too.

Enjoy with hot food, but do not use in the microwave.

General Cleaning

  • Hand-wash in light-soapy water, but do not leave submerged in water – no expensive and wasteful dishwashers
  • Dry well with a cloth and leave to air dry in a drying rack – do not lay flat as it may encourage warping
  • Oil regularly to help avoid stains and cracks

For a deeper clean

  • Mix one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of water to form a paste (for an extra-powerful clean you can add a little white vinegar and lemon juice).
  • Give your product a good scrub and then follow the general cleaning instructions above

Oiling and Maintenance.

Each month, or when your product appears a little dry, it is time to oil your product.

  • Ensure the product is completely dry
  • Apply a food safe mineral oil or wax to your product using a lint-free cloth or kitchen roll, ensuring full coverage.
  • Leave for a few hours and wipe off any excess.

We recommend using a food-safe mineral oil or wax, coconut oil, linseed or walnut oil (be careful with allergies!).  Never use olive or vegetable oils as they can turn rancid.

What if my product warps?

Wood is naturally pretty porous and when one side of a product is exposed to water and the other is not (such as when it is drying flat on a surface), the wet side will expand and the dry side stays put.

Do not be tempted to submerge in water or steam it to try to force it back to shape as this could ruin your product completely and may split in two.

  • Using a wet sponge, wipe the concave side only
  • Leave your product wet side down for a few days.

That is all, it will do the trick.

Contact us via email if you would like any further advice : )