Mum on a mission – The Wood Life Project celebrates 1 year anniversary

From a stay-at-home mother of two, to big ambitions to be a market-leader in the eco-friendly market, I am on a mission to create a better future for my children and for future generations.

The Wood Life Project was born out of concerns for the planet following the birth of my two boys, Joseph and Lennon, now aged 3 & 6.

It felt as if every day I was learning more and more alarming facts about the deterioration of our wonderful planet and the plastic pollution crisis.  I worried about the legacy which was being left behind for my boys.  I decided I wanted to create a brand which would inspire others and change the way people buy forever.

 The Wood Life Project manufactures beautiful, innovative, eco-friendly, and practical wooden products for the family home.  Their product designs are unique, with all manufacturing in the UK and wood sourced from trees harvested in the UK only.

We are a truly eco-friendly brand, and as such, our strap-line is “eco-friendly living, without compromise”.

A year into the business, we have already established a robust supply chain with manufacturers and suppliers vetted for the eco-credentials.  All have proven they can deliver quality products on time and at costs that allow Wood Life to scale profitably.

Since we launched in 2019, The Wood Life Project has on-boarded over 40 retailers across the UK.  In November 2019, we launched onto Not on the High Street and Joules, where the business has gained great momentum and awareness.

We are currently in talks with 3 of our dream retailers, so watch this space!  I hope when the boys are older, they will be proud of the hard-work I have put into the business to make it a success for them.  I would love the boys to be able to grow up in a world where people buy more ethically and are more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases.