Our views on sustainability – by Hazel Russell

Do you think customers care about their products being sustainable, and if so why?

Yes, definitely. Over recent months, there have been countless stories in the press, with so many alarming facts and statistics about the effects of plastic pollution.  It is becoming increasingly clear that every choice we make as consumers can have an impact on the environment, and it’s up to every one of us to make smarter, more sustainable choices when buying products.

What aspect of your product is sustainable / eco and where did your idea for this come from?

Our wood is sourced from the UK only.  Our sawmill adheres to EU Timber Regulation rules and so we can have the confidence that all the wood we use is legally felled. They also hold the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Grown in Britain (GiB) certifications We are also working towards FSC and GiB, which increases our accountability even further.

All of our manufacturing, including our packaging materials, is UK based.

Our packaging supplier is one of only ten in the UK to be recognised as a carbon balanced printer by the World Land Trust.  It is a member of the Carbon Capture programme administered by The Woodland Trust, and also has ISO14001 and Forestry Stewardship Council accreditations – we are confident in the knowledge that they are following environmental best practice.
Furthermore, we are looking into becoming a B-Corp which balances purpose and profit, considering the impact of decisions on our workers, suppliers, community and the environment; so watch this space!

What do you think are the top 3 steps that people can take to become more sustainable in their everyday life?

It’s all about taking small sustainable steps towards a sustainable lifestyle. Making changes in what we buy and what we throw away.

–       Avoid buying plastic items, in particular single-use plastic.

–       When making a purchasing decision, consider the provenance of the product and chose ethically sourced, Brand Britain products where possible.

–       Recycle/reuse/repurpose/donate items rather than throwing things away

It is important to know that when you throw something “away”, there is no away – it has to go somewhere. When talking about plastic for example, it will still be on this planet in 500 years!  By thinking twice about what we buy and knowing the provenance of the product, we can make more educated decisions on what we chose to purchase.

When our customers buy our products, they can rest assured that they have bought a product with an honest provenance and a transparent supply chain.  As all of our products are made in the UK and use wood from trees harvested in the UK, our customers know that they have made an ethical purchase.  Our products are an eco-friendly, guilt-free purchase, and our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that our products are contributing towards a healthier planet.

How do you see the future for brands that are not producing sustainable products?

As more and more people chose to buy sustainable products as replacements to the unsustainable products they have in their lives, the demand for unsustainable products will fall.  Ultimately brands will have to adapt to survive.

Legislation brought in on 3rd March means that the supply of plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds are now banned in the UK, so things are changing for the better.

As a consumer, is it important for you to see brands making conscious sustainable choices, and does it affect who you buy from?

Yes, most definitely.  As a mother, I am more and more conscious about the legacy which is being left behind for my children and for future generations.  They shouldn’t have to inherit a world which is in a climate emergency.  When I make a purchase now, I have in my head the Anna Lappé quote says, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Do you have plans to roll out any more sustainable products, and if so, what is your drive was behind that decision.

Yes, ALL of our products are eco-friendly and sustainable. We are always innovating and creating more products.

Our company was born out of concerns we had for the environment, following the birth our 2 young boys. We worried about the legacy which was being left behind for them and our future generations.  It felt as if every day, we were learning more and more harrowing facts about the effects of plastic pollution. We made the decision to create a brand, which would help change the way people buy.  Giving people more ethical choices, and to contribute towards better future for our planet.