Our Story


We are Hazel and Jimmy Russell, a wife and husband team, and parents to 2 young boys.

The decision to create our company was born out of concerns we had for the future of our planet and the legacy which was being left for our boys.

It felt as if every day we were learning more and more facts about the deterioration of our wonderful planet and the plastic pollution crisis.

We decided to create a brand with vision to end of the plastic revolution and the throw-away mindset of our generation. A brand which would inspire others and change the way people consume forever. 

The Wood Life Project produces beautiful, innovative and practical wooden items which are used in our homes every day.

Eco-friendly, plastic-free, sustainable, British-made and British-sourced materials go into all our products, right down to the packaging. 

All products are designed by us in our rural Norfolk workshop and manufactured in the UK only.

Our wood is sourced from the UK only.  Our sawmill adheres to EU Timber Regulation rules and so we can have the confidence that all the wood we use is legally felled. They also hold the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification and the Grown in Britain (GiB) certification.

We are GiB certified and FSC certified too, and we are able to supply products with those accreditations.

Our product range is based around the family home, with the emphasis being on family mealtimes.  The range is ever evolving, as we continue to innovate.  

We are constantly coming up with new product ideas to realise mission to replace plastic items from our homes and encourage people to consume more consciously with the environment in mind.

Hazel and Jimmy Russell