Supporting UK Sustainable Businesses

When founding our business, The Wood Life Project, we were clear on our commitment to support UK sustainable businesses and craftsmanship – from sourcing wood exclusively from trees harvested in the UK only, to only working with UK manufacturers.

When a customer buys our products, they can rest-assured that they have made an ethical and sustainable purchase, with an honest provenance, and an eco-friendly supply chain.

The Wood Life Project uses wood harvested in the UK only.  It is always sustainably sourced, legally felled, and comes from sustainably managed woodlands.

In June we were Grown in Britain certified and later this month, we are being audited to become Forest Stewardship Council certified. This, we hope, will assure our customers that we have the highest of standards in place to manage our wood supply.

All the manufacturing of our products is within the UK too.

Not only do we want to support British craftmanship, we want to ensure we do not “clock-up” carbon footprint miles and greenwash all that we produce.

The packaging that The Wood Life Project uses comes from one of only ten printers in the UK who are recognised as a carbon balanced printer by The World Land Trust (Sir David Attenborough is a Patron), and are also members of the Carbon Capture programme administered by The Woodland Trust.

We are able to track the amount of carbon our packaging has offset as well as the amount of land which the World Land Trust has protected as a result.

Living sustainably is enriching to our lives, and we can only truly do this when we are at perfect ease with how we live and how we buy.  As humans we have a conscience and we need to remember that everything we buy has an impact on our world.  Every time we buy, we are casting a vote for the world we want to live in.