Vote for The Wood Life Project in Holly&Co’s Passion & Purpose Award 2020

We are utterly thrilled to have been nominated out of over 100,000 entries for the Independent Awards 2020, hosted by the amazing Holly & Co team.

Holly & Co are cheerleaders for small business owners in the UK; headed up by Holly Tucker, founder of and the UK ambassador for small businesses. Holly & Co champions the artists, creatives, illustrators, makers and writers with inspiration and practical advice. Their main aim is to help people in small businesses to fulfil their potential.

The Wood Life Project is a finalist for this year’s Passion & Purpose Award, which has given us so much joy that our efforts in building our wonderful and sustainable business have been recognised.

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“We’ve seen time and again how being a small businesses doesn’t mean small impact! Indeed a small group of dedicated individuals can have a huge impact when they seek to change the world, and these businesses are shining examples of that.

There is a new and growing consumer appetite which seeks to vote with their money – spending with purpose and intention. This conscious consumer wants to support and champion good business, choosing positive impact over convenience.”


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We need YOUR vote to help us on our mission to build a better tomorrow for our children and for future generations.

Visit this link to register your vote by email. You will then be sent an email asking to confirm your vote – please ensure you do this or your vote will not be counted!

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